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Special Issue: Biology of Corona Virus(covid-19)

Biology of corona virus (covid-19)

Biological systems: Open access is pleased to announce Special issue on “Biology of Corona virus (covid-19)”.

According the World stats & observation we must know more about the biology of corona virus because still know there is no medicine for this pandemic novel corona virus. Scientists should do more research in multidimensional way like Physiology, Anatomy, way of spread and risk of infection. How it is impact on children and old people.

 The elderly are more likely to get Respiratory syndrome, the acute lung injury, cardiac disease, diabetes or kidney diseases which weaken their body’s ability to fight infectious disease. The mortality is directly proportional to their age. A person which are effected by integrative diseases are more chance to get corona virus

One can take care of elder people by many ways like limit in-person visit or social distancing. They should provide proper equipment & training to protect from infection control. Encourage family members and friends to talk with them using smartphones or live video chat.

With the same purpose our Journal “Biological systems: Open access” is announcing Special issue Call for paper on “Biology of Corona virus(covid-19)”. We welcome both solicited and unsolicited submissions that will contribute to this special issue.


Submission Process

  • Special issue articles can include both original unpublished research articles and review articles related to the specific theme.
  • Manuscripts will be accepted for publishing in the special issue only after getting approved by the peer review committee.
  • All the articles in special issues should strictly adhere to journal style and formatting.
  • Each special issue can be created with 5-7 articles.
  • All accepted manuscripts can be submitted online via or through an email id  [email protected]. Submission should be accompanied by a cover letter with reference to the concerned special issue theme.

For further information on special issue guidelines and submission process, please contact

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