Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting

ISSN - 2332-2594


A Laboratory Study the Role of Turbulence in Growth of Cloud Droplets in Presence of Aerosols Environment

Pejman M, Aliakbari Bidokhti A and Gharaylo M

In this study, effect of turbulence on cloud droplets growth in the presence of aerosols in environment as salt and smoke aerosols has been studied experimentally. To do this, 3 L of distilled water is poured into the 200 L cloud chamber to provide moisture necessary to create conditions within which air is saturated. After closing the door, the air pressure inside the chamber is increased to 80 mb and after about 25 min air seems to be saturated. Then suddenly the air pressure inside the container is reduced and as a result, warm cloud is formed. Also to create turbulence inside the chamber a propeller attached to an electric motor is used. At the time of the formation of clouds, visible laser beam is scattered by collision with droplets and laser beam signal is reduced. Then the laser signal is gradually increased and returns to its original state after the cloud disappears. The cloud opacity and lifetime are then calculated. The results showed that in the presence of aerosols an increase in turbulence, increased cloud opacity, and cloud lifetime is reduced which indicative of the droplets is getting bigger, hence precipitating faster.