Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting

ISSN - 2332-2594


A Simplified Approach for Stormwater Drainage Networks Sizing

Luigi Cimorelli, Luca Cozzolino, Andrea D’Aniello, Francesco Morlando and Domenico Pianese

In this work, a modification and a generalization of the ?Italian-Storage method? (ISM), a renowned method for sizing rainstorm drainage systems, are proposed and applied. The approach adopts a steady non-linear rainfall-runoff transformation probabilistic model within a ?variational? or ?maximizing? procedure. In this model, the transformation of rainfall in ?excess (or effective) rainfall? is accomplished by means of the Rational Method, while the travel time is neglected. The flow within each link of the system, induced by a rectangular shaped discharge hydrograph for any rainfall duration, is assumed to be unsteady but locally uniform (Kinematic modeling). Combining the hydrological and hydraulic sub-models, and considering different couples of rainfall heights-durations, consistent with the local IDF curve, a ?critical duration? is evaluated. Once the critical duration has been obtained, a maximum of maxima instantaneous flow discharges is evaluated for such duration, and subsequently, with such a discharge each link of the storm water drainage system can be designed.