Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology

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Can we reduce fracture nose even after years

Ahmed Khalaf Rabeea

Objective: fracture nose is the commonest fracture of the facial bones. Closed reduction is easy and simple procedure for it is management within 10_14 days after trauma. Our trail to reduce fracture nose even after years. Method: 14 patients male and female with isolated fracture nose type 1,2,3 were underwent classical closed reduction method under general anesthesia with or without septoplasty or septorrinoplasty procedure . Result: satisfactory results were achieved for all the 14 patients. The nose is projecting triangular pyramid occupying a middle third of face . It is inferior base directed downward, nasal septum divided the nasal cavity into two nasal fossa .the upper part of the nose is bony and formed by nasal bone which extended dorsally, and two bone of the ascending process of the maxilla on each side of the lower bony pyramid Assessment of the results by pre and post-operative x_ ray of nasal bone and photographs for all them. Conclusion: the trial proved that we can reduce fracture nose even after years exceeding the usual time for reduction after trauma .Satisfactory results was achieved regarding cosmetic and function of the nose.