Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting

ISSN - 2332-2594


Climate Change and Ecosystem

Lauren Galluzzi

The health and functioning of the biosphere are inextricably linked to the rapid anthropogenic climate change that we are witnessing in the early twenty-first century. Ecosystems are being impacted by climate change due to changes in mean conditions and variability, as well as other changes such as increased ocean acidification and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. Other stresses on ecosystems, such as degradation, defaunation, and fragmentation, interact with it. Understanding the ecological dynamics of these climatic impacts, identifying hotspots of susceptibility and resilience, and identifying management measures that can help the biosphere adapt to climate change are all necessary. At the same time, ecosystems can help with both climate change mitigation and adaptation. The methods, possibilities, and limitations of such nature-based climate change solutions must be investigated and measured.