Surgery: Current Research

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Repair of Ventral Hernia by Pre-Peritoneal and Pre- Posterior Rectus Sheath Insertion of Prolene Mesh

Ashraf A Helmy,Gamal Ahmed Makhlouf*,Ragai Sobhi Hanna

Background: Early treatment of hernia is very important to reduce the risk of obstruction and or strangulation. Ventral hernias include umbilical, epigastric, and incisional hernias and represent 10-15% of all primary hernias. Conventionally, theses hernias are treated by suture repair with a substantial rate of recurrence and this increase the demand for a better technique of repair. There is no exact protocol or consensus on how the repair should be carried out. Aim of work: To present a new surgical technique for ventral hernia repair with least recurrence rate. Material and methods: This study was performed at a tertiary hospital and included 100 patients with uncomplicated ventral hernias and fit for surgery. Partial pre-peritoneal and partial subrectal insertion of prolene mesh was the new surgical technique done. Results: The study included 58 females and 42 males. The mean BMI was 28.6. The mean defect size was 30.3 cm (range 9-64). The mean operative time was 47.5 minutes (range 35- 62). The mean hospital stay was 2 days (range 2-4). Postoperative complications including wound infection (3 cases), seroma (7 cases) and hematoma (2 cases). Recurrence occurred in one case after 1 year. The efficacy rate was 98.75%. Conclusions: Pre-peritoneal and pre- posterior rectus sheath insertion of prolene mesh is a new surgical technique for ventral hernia repair with high efficacy and low recurrence rate.