Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting

ISSN - 2332-2594


Spatio-temporal Variation in Area of Production, Number of Holders and Productivity of Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) and Khat (Khat edulis L.) in West and East Hararghe Zone, Eastern Ethiopia

Gizaw W*

Coffee and Khat are the major cash crop in Ethiopia. To undertake the study secondary data was collected from Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia for 10 years. Mann-Kendall’s was used to test the trend. The result of the study indicated that Khat production has been dramatically expanding in both Hararghe zone regard to both Khat production area and number of small holders. Besides, the result indicated increasing trend for Khat productivity in west Hararghe zone; but decreasing trend in east Hararghe zone. In west Hararghe zone coffee production area and number of holders had showed decreasing trend. However, in east Hararghe zone coffee production area had showed increasing trend by factor of 2200 ha/year; whereas, number of holders had showed significant increasing trend. Comparing year of production 2006/2007 with 2019/2020 Khat area coverage had increased by 33% in west Hararghe zone. In contrary, coffee area coverage decreased by 72% when year of production 2006/2007 compared with 2019/2020 in west Hararghe zone. Moreover, the result indicated that decreasing trend of coffee productivity; regardless expansion of coffee production area and increase number of smallholder farmers in east Hararghe zone. Therefore, generally sustainability of coffee production in Hararghe is under question.