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The Effects of the Erosion of Biodiversity on Culture: The Experience of Erei People in Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State Nigeria

Leonard Edadi Ukam

To say that the destruction of biodiversity is same as the destruction and erosion of culture is not an over statement. Many cultures, as exemplified by the study area are closely linked to the biodiversity of the area. Observation from the research have shown that some bushes are named after some species of trees animals which are commonly found in such areas. Same goes for sections of water (lakes, streams or river) as revealed by the study. The method adopted for the study was survey inferential, based on observation, interview an questionnaire. Seventeen Erei villages were used for the study and 400 questionnaires were administered. The study revealed that some of the culture practice in Erie were abandoned due to the absence of the forest resources such as trees, peculiar animals or birds which have been chased away from the because of disforestation drivers are lumbering, fishing , farming, expansion of settlement due to increase in population, tourism etc. Ethno-medicine was equally exchanged for pharmaceutical because of the absence of trees, leaves, roots and some bushes for this practice. In order to protect culture, biodiversity must be preserved and protected and the environment properly managed.