Reconstructive Surgery & Anaplastology

ISSN - 2161-1173


Unique Magnetic Attachment Designed for a Solitary Dental Implant Retaining Silicone Nose Prosthesis

Satyabodh S Guttal, Blessy S Bangera, Adarsh Kudva, Basavaraj R Patil and Srinath Thakur

Midfacial defects are enormous defects that result from cancer treatment that rarely are corrected by surgical reconstruction alone; they generally require a facial prosthesis to restore function and appearance. Surgical reconstruction may be viable for few defects, which are done with different flaps. But for the total nasal resection, prosthetic option would be more feasible. Nasal cartilaginous anatomy is complex due to the varying contours. Therefore it may be difficult for the surgeon to reconstruct the entire nose. This clinical report describes the rehabilitation of a large mid-facial nose defect with a dental implant retained nasal prosthesis. The patient had adenocystic carcinoma of the medial maxillary wall extending to the nose.