Journal of Climatology & Weather Forecasting

ISSN - 2332-2594


Weekly Seasonal Agro Climatic Potentialities of India and Climate Change in Extremities

Sivaram B and Sarma AALN

The Ocean atmospheric interaction such as El Nino and Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and LaNina and Southern Oscillation (LNSO) plays an important role in monsoon performance and in turn it affects the agro climatic potentialities. The present investigation addresses the impact of the ENSO and LNSO in the periods 1951-1980, 1981-1990 and 1992-1998 on the agro climatic potentialities such as precipitation, potential and actual evapotranspiration, surplus, indices such as moisture, humid and aridity, moisture adequacy, soil wetness of India and selected stations from the climate spectrum of India in different seasons in dry and wet years along with ENSO and LNSO situations on a mean weekly basis. The climate status of All India enriched to fourth humid (B4) and third humid (B3) status during the monsoon seasons of the study periods 1981-1990 and 1992-1998 respectively. During the retrieval of the monsoon All India climate status depleted to moist sub humid (C2) in the years 1992-1998. In the cold weather season of 1992-1998 the climate status depleted to dry sub humid (C1) and experienced aridity in the years 1981-1991. All India climate status enriched to semi aridity (D) during the hot weather season of 1992-1998 compared to the normal status of the same season.