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A Sheykhinejad

A Sheykhinejad

West Indies

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    Kavir-48 Protein a New Anticancer from an Extremophile Streptomyces with Apoptosis Regulator Function
    Author(s): N Moazami, F Hakami, H Ofoghi and A SheykhinejadN Moazami, F Hakami, H Ofoghi and A Sheykhinejad

    Kavir-48, a protein with a molecular weight of 44 KDa, isolated from an extremophile Streptomyces was investigated for anti-proliferative activity on 10 human cell lines. 5000 cells were plated in 96 well plates. After 24 h. Kavir-48 was added in five dose levels (0.01-100 μg/ml). After 4 days of continuous exposure, the cellular DNA content and morphology was determined, using propidium iodide staining, the resulting fluorescence correlates with a number of leased cells. A selective growth inhibition (Mean IC 70) observed for the large cell Lung cancer cell line and mammary cell line. The antitumor activity as well as tolerability of product was evaluated in in vivo testing on lung cancer cells, (Xenograft in nude mice) since there might be a selective antitumor effect after 21 days of administration. Neither lethality nor body weight loss was observed i.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6577.1000164

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