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Andrzej Wasiak

Andrzej Wasiak
Bialystok Technical University,
Wiejska 45a Bialystok

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    1">The Effect of Biofuel Production on Sustainability of Agriculture1
    Author(s): Andrzej WasiakAndrzej Wasiak

    Various aspects of manufacturing and production processes contribute to technological, energetic, and economic efficiency in relevant production. The present paper gives preliminary considerations concerning the influence of biofuel production, and its energetic efficiency on potential fulfillment of agricultural energy demand and consequently sustainability of agricultural production. The energetic efficiency is defined as the ratio of energy obtained from biofuels produced basing on crops from particular area to energy required to satisfy needs of all subsidiary processes assuring correct functioning of plantations on that area. The effects of energetic efficiency of industrial processes converting agricultural crops onto biofuels also have to be analyzed. The derived model gives quantitative relations between energy efficiency of sc. “energetic plantationsR.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6577.1000171

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