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CH-Chaoui M

CH-Chaoui M


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    New Perspectives in Mathematical Modeling Focusing on the Type of the Immune Response and Cancer Eradication
    Author(s): Badou A, Bellouquid A and CH-Chaoui MBadou A, Bellouquid A and CH-Chaoui M

    Tumor progression is characterized by the interaction between the tumor and immune system cells in a particular microenvironment. Recently, the involvement of immune cells either favorably or unfavorably was confirmed; and it seems that much would depend on the type of the immune response generated for each individual patient. This note deals with the perspective of modeling of the onset and the progression of cancer, depending on the nature of the patient’s immune response, using tools of kinetic theory for active particle, developed recently to overcome the complexity of biological systems. Mathematical models can act, once validated, as in silico laboratories. This approach would result in a less expensive design of new treatments, based on specific stimulation of the patient’s efficient type of the immune response against tumors. .. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6577.1000132

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