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Elisabeth Bendstrup

Elisabeth Bendstrup

Department of Respiratory Diseases and Allergy, Aarhus University Hospital, Noerrebrogade 44, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Dr Bendstrup is an associate professor at the Department of Respiratory Diseases and Allergy at Aarhus University Hospital. She is responsible for the Center of Interstitial Lung Diseases, a third referral centre for interstitial lung diseases. She also takes leading part in the Danish Center of Sarcoidosis. Besides interstitial lung diseases and sarcoidosis, the center also does lung transplantation evaluation and post transplant follow-up. Dr. Bendstrup became a specialist in internal medicine in 2004 and in respiratory medicine in 2006.
Research Interest

research in the specialized scientific area of Respiratory Diseases and Allergy.

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