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Helen Lazaratou

Helen Lazaratou

Helen Lazaratou Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry Athens University Greece.


Dr Helen Lazaratou was born in 1956, at Cefallonia, Greece. Currently working as Assistant Professor of Child Psychiatry, Athens University Medical School, 1st Department of Psychiatry, Athens, Greece. She has done her Degree in Medicine (1974-1980) from Athens University Medical School (1).She has achieved Psychiatry degree at the University Paris XIII, France, under the guidance of Prof. S. Lebovici, having obtained a scholarship by the French government (1980-1985).Her Clinical Experience include Resident psychiatrist at the psychiatrist services at General Hospital of Avicenne - Prof S, Lebovici, Psvchiatric Hospital of Maison Blanche, Psychiatric Hospital of Vaucluse, Adolescent Service of the University Centre "Fondanon Vallee", Child Psychiatric Centre. She also worked as Attending psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Service of the General Hospital Tenon in Paris. Since 1989 till date she is working as Child Psychiatrist, Co-responsible for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit in the Mental Health Centre, 1st Department of Psychiatry, Athens University Medical School, Athens, Greece. She has published 6 Books, 44 Articles in scientific journals, 64 Chapters in books.

Research Interest

Psychology , Child Psychology, Autism,Child Behavior, Child  Psychiatry, Psychiatry, Medicine, Adolescent Psychaitry

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