Journal of Forensic Pathology

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Jack Evans

Jack Evans

United Kingdom

  • Review Article
    Low Template DNA: Tad, Touch and Traces
    Author(s): Jack Evans and Sibte HadiJack Evans and Sibte Hadi

    Small amounts of DNA, typically less than 100 pg, termed Low Template (LT) DNA which is extremely useful in forensic casework. The current advancement of highly sensitive multiplex PCR systems consisting of short tandem repeat (STR) markers have allowed the development of genetic profiles from much lower quantities of DNA, from such samples. However, this sensitivity of the STR profiling systems also leads to issues of secondary transfer of LT DNA such as the implication of innocent parties as a result of background contamination and profiles having artefacts due to stochastic effects. This review explores the varying deposition mechanisms, technological advancements in both collection and analysis, and ultimately evaluates the usefulness of LT DNA considering its admissibility as forensic evidence .. View More»

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