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Mohammad M Nasrat

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    The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes
    Author(s): Abdullah M Nasrat, Salwa AM Nasrat, Randa M Nasrat and Mohammad M NasratAbdullah M Nasrat, Salwa AM Nasrat, Randa M Nasrat and Mohammad M Nasrat

    The study aimed at demonstration of a correlation between the challenge of Helicobacter pylori prevalence worldwide and the challenging spread of childhood diabetes in the world. The rising frequency of childhood diabetes mellitus in the world should not be taken in separate consideration from the worldwide dramatic spread of adult diabetes mellitus (DM). The correlation between diabetes and the increased incidence of obesity in children should be also considered. H. pylori were suggested as one of the environmental reasons that could be directly related to the problem of childhood DM. The challenge lies mainly in the emergence of drastic resistant H. pylori strains due to the antibiotic violence against the stomach bacterium; these strains can travel from parents during early childhood to kids leading to a state of biological stress that could lead to stress diabetes; inter.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2327-5146.1000193

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