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Mulla MA

Mulla MA


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    Ruptured Appendix in Tuberculous Abdomen
    Author(s): Ved Bhushan ST, Mulla MA and Vijay KumarVed Bhushan ST, Mulla MA and Vijay Kumar

    Abdominal tuberculosis is the commonest extra pulmonary clinical condition. Abdominal tuberculosis is a chronic condition with vague symptoms and unclear signs. Acute abdomen in tuberculous abdomen is rare and is usually secondary to other intra abdominal pathology such as acute intestinal obstruction due to small bowel adhesions, or at ileo caecal junction. Sometimes there may be small perforation due to adhesions. Acute appendicitis can occur at any age or gender both in tuberculous or non- tuberculous abdomen. Acute appendicitis secondary to tuberculosis is quite rare. Clinical picture of peritonitis is seen whenever there is perforated appendix. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6577.1000134

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