Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

ISSN - 2471-9900

Natália Pinheiro Orti

Natália Pinheiro Orti

Natália Pinheiro Orti IACB (Instituto de Análise do Comportamento - Bauru) Brazil


Natalia Pinherio is Faculty in Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP).She recieved her Master in Psychology of Development and Learning by Unesp - Bauru and graduated in psychology from the Unesp - Bauru. Enhanced in Sport Psychology at Paradigm Center, Sao Paulo. She Acts as a clinical psychologist in the Behavioral Analysis Institute - Bauru (IACB) and as a sport psychologist in the New Age Association of Table Tennis - Bauru.

Research Interest

Human Development, Psychology, Sports Psychology,Social skills, behavior analysis,Functional Analysis,Child Development

Relevant Topics