Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism

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Neena Sharma

Neena Sharma

Assistant Professor


Neena Sharma, PT, PhD, CMPT, has a clinical background in orthopedics and manual therapy. She primarily teaches courses in the orthopedic tract,, including Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I and II in the DPT curriculum and Evidence-based Orthopedic Rehabilitation in the post-professional DPT curriculum. Sharma provides consultation to local clinicians for orthopedic conditions and continuing education courses related to musculoskeletal topics. She is also currently a staff physical therapist for services in the Silver City Health Center.

Research Interest

Sharma's research interests are to understand biochemical and neural mechanisms contributing to chronic pain syndromes and the efficacy of various physical therapy interventions in modulating pain. She is interested in examining central sensitization and effects of exercise training on the central nervous system. Through this research, it is hoped that the mechanisms by which exercise training modulates pain can be better understood.

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