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Radha Malattiri

Radha Malattiri

MIMS Research Foundation Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd


 Mrs. Radha Mallattiri  is currently working as Asst. Registrar, Research & Medical Information, MIMS Research Foundation, Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd.(MIMS), Calicut. She did her M. Phil in Library and Information Science and due to keen interest in Bioethical Research, she underwent a certified training programme in Bioethics conducted by the ICMR and the National Institute of Health. Mrs. Radha is now a member of the Institutional Ethics Committee and convener of the Scientific Research Committee(SRC) of Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences. She has presented papers in various National and international forums. She conducted research in ethical issues of gender disparity that existed in Indian Renal Transplantation and presented a poster in the World Bioethics Congress held at Rotterdam, Netherlands which won the first prize award. She also published a paper on the same topic in an international journal and got extensive media coverage. Mrs. Radha continues her research in Bioethics at MIMS RF.  She is a member of International Association of Bioethics(IAB) and a life member of FERCAP, FERCI, MLAI and KLA.

Research Interest

Research in specialized scientific area of  Diabetes, Vaccine , Insulin.

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