Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

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Riyadh K Lafta

Riyadh K Lafta

Riyadh K Lafta Professor in Community Medicine Mustansiriya University College of Medicine Baghdad Iraq


Prof Riyadh K Lafta has received his PhD in the Iraqi higher Commission for Medical Specializations during the period of 994. Currently, he is working as Professor in College of Medicine/ Mustansiriya University/ Iraq and as an Affiliate Professor in University of Washington/ USA. He has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities as Deputy Dean. Based on this research and fellowship training he has received several awards and honors, such as: APHA award…He is serving as an editorial member of several reputed journals like Mustansiriya Medical Journal (MMJ), International Perspectives in Psychology, Bioterrorism, Biosecurity and Biodefense, Community Medicine & Health Affairs, journal of Obesity and Overweight, & expert Reviewers for journals like The Lancet. He has authored 80 research articles.

Research Interest

Cost-effectiveness of Malaria screening program in Iraq, Outcome of pregnancy in a sample of Iraqi obstetric hospitals, Lipid profile in diabetic patients, Social profile of a sample of Iraqi obese adults, Childhood obesity; a sample from Baghdad city, Role of age in the course of pregnancy.

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