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Rui Diogo

Rui Diogo

Rui Diogo Department of Anatomy Howard University College of Medicine 520 W St NW, Washington DC 20059, USA


Degree in Biology. University of Aveiro (Portugal). September 10, 1998. Doctor in Biological Sciences(obtained the "Greatest Distinction"). University of Liège (Belgium). October 14, 2003. Master in international Relations and Global Economy - "Globilization and Economical Development". Instituto Universitário de Investigacíon Ortega y Gasset de Madrid (Spain). Master in Hominid PaleoBiology (GPA: 3.94). Anthropology Department, George Washington University (US). January 21, 2010 (GPA: 3.94). Doctor in Phylosophy (GPA: 3.94) (PhD in Hominid Paleobiology). Anthropology Department, George Washington University (US)

Research Interest

Muscle differentiation and morphogenesis of Chordates, Genetic and anatomical variation in humans and other primates, and its practical and theoretical implications for medicine and surgery, Primate osteology, myology, comparative anatomy, phylogeny and evolution, Macroevolution, Evolutionary Developmental Biology (EVO-DEVO), Contribution of muscles and other soft tissues in phylogenetic reconstructions, Use of morphological, ecological, ethological, biogeographic and embryological data in phylogenetic studies, Comparative anatomy, functional morphology, ecomorphology, phylogeny, ontogeny, paleontology and genetics of Chordates.

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