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Salman Sharif

Salman Sharif


  • Case Report
    Congenital Infantile Intracranial Teratoma with Orbital Extension
    Author(s): Muhammad Rafay, Muhammad Yousuf Shaikh and Salman SharifMuhammad Rafay, Muhammad Yousuf Shaikh and Salman Sharif

    Background: Mature intracranial teratoma in the pediatric population is a rare entity. They are sometimes associated with genetic syndromes but complete surgical excision is associated with good outcome and prognosis.Case Presentation: A 3 months old baby girl presented in the clinic with left eye proptosis, MRI brain showed temporal and retro-orbital multiple cystic lesions, which were excised and biopsy showed mature teratoma. The patient was discharged and followed in the clinic.Conclusion: This case underlies that mature brain teratoma may present at an early age even at birth. They are rare intracranial tumors and may be associated with other genetic syndromes. A high index of suspicion should be present when coming across such complex lesions in neonates. Although the overall outcome of these tumors is ge.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1076.1000314

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