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Sharija S

Sharija S
Government Medical College,

  • Case Report
    Isolated Peliosis Lienis
    Author(s): Sharija SSharija S

    Peliosis is a condition characterized by presence of multiple blood filled cysts within the parenchyma of a solid organ. Peliosis affecting spleen is usually seen in association with peliosis of liver. Isolated splenic peliosis “peliosis lienis” is a unique phenomenon. At Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India we had one such case. Dead body of a 27 year old male was brought for medico legal autopsy with history of being found dead in the morning. He had a history of mild abdominal pain on the previous day. Autopsy revealed splenic peliosis with rupture of spleen and haemoperitoneum. .. View More»

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