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Shiao-Chi Wu

Shiao-Chi Wu

Professor, National Yang Ming University, Taiwan


Dr. Wu Shiao-Chi, full professor in Institute of Health and Welfare Policy, was honoured with medal of health from the Department of Health by her long term implementation on the field of health policy. She also helps the government to assess health resources, policy and program in the past decades. In her studies, she found that the manpower of physicians is enough in the next 10 years in Taiwan. However, how to integrate the health resources and cares for the patients with multiple chronic diseases is one of important ways to solve the manpower issue. She used National Health Insurance inpatients' claimed database, Household Registration database and questionnaire survey to help government to re-allocate Taiwan into 50 sub-medical regions instead of the previous 63 sub-medical regions.

Research Interest

Research field is Health policy

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