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Shinjini Mitra

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    Culture Methods and Choice of Cells Makes a Difference in Outcome of Tissue Engineering - A Perspective
    Author(s): Srabani Kar, Shinjini Mitra and Ena Ray BanerjeeSrabani Kar, Shinjini Mitra and Ena Ray Banerjee

    This perspective reviews the effects of different tissue engineering techniques, for induced differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into pulmonary lineage specific cells, and validating cell based regenerative therapy to ameliorate pulmonary degeneration. The etiology of degeneration differs from disease to disease. Likewise, strategies to regenerate lost tissues in its heterogeneity, should also cater to the regeneration process. To customize the same, researchers ought to device strategies to repair, replace or regenerate, in the spatio- temporal format, healthy tissues in their heterogeneous multi-functional existence, such that when transplanted in vitro, they may find their niche and integrate seamlessly into the tissue system and manifest full-fledged functional competence in order to reverse the erstwhile effects of degeneration. Cell based lung repair or regeneration is.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6577.1000156

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