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Sitelbanat A Awadalla

Sitelbanat A Awadalla

Dr. Sitelbanat A Awadalla Department of Basic Medical Science College of Medicine King Saud Bin Abdel Aziz University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Dr. Sitelbanat A Awadalla is a professor in the department of Basic Medical Science College of Medicine at King Saud Bin Abdel Aziz University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

As Vice Chairman of the Department of Physiology (Girls section) 2001-uptodate She is responsible for the arrangement of teaching facility (lectures, tutorials and practicals time table), availability of books and laboratory equipment, Conduction of exams and final results and all other administrive work concerned with undergraduate student and postgraduate teaching in Girls Section. She is a member of the Student Advisory Committee and also I am the Academic Advisory for both the first and second year medical students. This includes the approval of courses registration follow up of the academic progress of students and solving out their academic problems. She is also in Examination Committee in Girls College arranging exam halls for the different levels allocating invigilators and insuring the security of exams.

Research Interest

Molecular Biology, Extraction and purification of plasmid from E coli and quantitation by spectrophotometry, DNA transfection into primary cells, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR): in the identification of the viral (HIV & HTLV) aetiology of autoimmune thyroiditis, Immunoprecipitation.

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