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Varoon Kumar

Varoon Kumar


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    Systems Biology Approaches towards the Prediction of Prospective Novel Plant System-Derived Products or Services
    Author(s): Varoon KumarVaroon Kumar

    This is a proposed business model for a systems approach in adapting or optimizing plants towards novel products that briefly explains the growth and recent trends in plant systems using three modeling approaches: L-systems, Dynamical-biosystems analysis and cellular automata. The model discusses some of the attempts made by scientists in this field such as model development in Faba bean crops and the autoregulation in nodulation of plants and some other simulated models (ALAMEDA). Its application in horticulture or life style industry is proposed based on the meristem model applied in the roots of Zea mays. L. A grid based approach that effectively simulates and models competition among chosen species of plants on a simulated environment helps in the study of species survival amidst competition from other species, threat from pests, weeds etc. A model for the ecolo.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6577.1000119

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