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Vijaylaxmi Saxena

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    Gene-Gene Interaction Mapping Of Human Cytomegalic Virus through System Biology Approach
    Author(s): Vijaylaxmi Saxena, Supriya Dixit and Alfisha AshrafVijaylaxmi Saxena, Supriya Dixit and Alfisha Ashraf

    Systems biology is concerned with the study of biological systems, by investigating the components of cellular networks and their interactions. The objective of present study is to build gene-gene interaction network of human cytomegalovirus genes with human genes and other influenza causing genes which helps to identify pathways, recognize gene function and find potential drug targets for cytomegalovirus visualized through cytoscape and its plugin. So, genetic interaction is logical interaction between two genes and more than that affects any organism phenotypically. Human cytomegalovirus has many strategies to survive the attack of the host. Human cytomegalovirus infection of host cells induces cellular activation and disturbance of the cell cycle. Further functional analysis was done to know functionally active genes to cause infection and also these genes will be used as targets t.. View More»

    DOI: 10.4172/2329-6577.1000141

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