Journal of Forensic Pathology

ISSN - 2684-1312

Priyanshu Sharma

Department of Biotechnology, Meerut Institute of Engineering Technology, Uttar Pradesh, India

  • Mini Review   
    Mini Review on Injuries Caused by Sharpe Objects
    Author(s): Priyanshu Sharma*

    In general, the same morphologic principles are used in both the forensic assessment of sharp force injuries in living and dead people. However, there are several unique characteristics of sharp force injuries that must be taken into account when examination findings on the living are interpreted to distinguish between accidental origin, self-infliction, or murderous assault. These include the frequency and localisation of defensive injuries, the perpetrator's injuries, and manufactured injuries, particularly those caused with the intention of defrauding insurance companies. This article covers the characteristics and alternative diagnoses of "clinical" sharp force injuries... Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2332- 2594.22.7(4).341

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