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Amit Singh

Amit Singh
Department of Biology
University of Dayton, USA


Amit Singh is an Assistant Professor at Center for Tissue Regeneration and Engineering at Dayton (TREND) in Department of Biology at University of Dayton. His research area is using fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster eye as a model to study organogenesis, Cell survival, regeneration and growth. His lab research focus is to understand genetic basis of cell survival and neurodegeneration in eye. He has been actively engaged in developing interdisciplinary course curriculum on math biology that transcends the border of conventional disciplines of science. He has been instrumental in providing CAPstone research experience opportunities to undergraduates in his laboratory.

Research Interest

Organogenesis, Genetic basis of axial patterning during organogenesis, Drosophila eye model to understand growth regulation during organogenesis, Birth defects in eye, Drosophila model of  human Neurodegenerative disorders, Gene regulation and mechanism of apoptosis during growth and development, Signaling in development and organogenesis.