Surgery: Current Research

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Barbara Medoff-Cooper

Barbara Medoff-Cooper
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, USA


Over the past 10 years Dr. Medoff-Cooper has been teaching research methods in both the doctoral and masters. All of her teaching emphasizes the importance of integrating research into clinical practice and how clinical practice informs clinical research. In this way, she hopes to influence quality of care nationally through research utilization models that Penn Nursing graduates will bring into the health care community. Dr. Medoff-Cooper also lectures in undergraduate courses. Every other year, Dr. Medoff-Cooper offers a doctoral seminar on theoretical foundations of developmental research and its application to research with children.

Research Interest

Dr. Medoff-Cooper is internationally recognized for her research on infant development, feeding behaviors in high-risk infants, and infant temperament. She has been funded by the National Institute for Nursing Research, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health, and the Benjamin Franklin Partnership of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as numerous professional organizations and foundations.