Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

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Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross-Jalledib
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Rami Bou Khalil born in Kfarhouneh, Lebanon, in 1980. Graduated from medical school at Saint Joseph University, Lebanon, in 2006. Graduated in general psychiatry from Saint Joseph University, Lebanon, in 2011. Holder of a partial specialization degrees in general psychiatry from Paris-Diderot University, France, in 2009 and from Louvain’s Catholic University, Belgium, in 2011. Holder of several university degrees in cognitive behavioral therapy (Saint Joseph University, Lebanon, in 2008), psycho-oncology (Paris-Descartes University, France, in 2009), organic and psychiatric comorbidities (Pierre and Marie Curie University, France, in 2009) and addiction (Saint Joseph University, Lebanon, in 2010). First year of master in biomedical sciences from Saint Joseph Unievrsity. First year of Euro-mediterranean interuniversity master in biotechnology and neurosciences. Psychiatrist at the department of psychiatry at Saint Joseph University and at the Psychiatric Hospital of the Cross, Lebanon. Author of several book publications in English and in French in the domains of clinical psychiatry, neurosciences and psychopharmacology.  

Research Interest

Clinical psychiatry, neurosciences and psychopharmacology