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Cristina de Mello-Sampayo

Cristina de Mello-Sampayo
University of Lisbon, Portugal


Cristina de Mello-Sampayo is currently Assistant Professor in the Pharmacological Sci. Department, Faculty of Pharmacy at the Universidade de Lisboa and a collaborator of the iMed.ULisboa. Early in her career, both at pharmaceutical industry and whilst undertaking her Master studies in Toxicology and quality control of foods she developed an interest in bioactive compounds from natural sources. She received her PhD in Biosciences/Biochemistry from Birmingham University, UK. Following her work in the Medicines National Agency (INFARMED) she has continued studding bioactive compounds. Recently her interests have broadened to other aspects including the pharmacology, safety and health effects of bioactive compounds from some foods and medicinal plants in animal models with special focus on skin.

Research Interest


General and special toxicology

Non-clinical drug development

Environmental risk assessment