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Eduardo Krulig

Eduardo Krulig
Executive Editor
Vice-President, Executive Editor of Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery
ESAS, Spain


Born in Poland, raised in Venezuela. Dr. Krulig earned his M.D. in 1970 from the School of Medicine at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He completed his post-graduation specialization course in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Argentina 1973 – 1975 at the Hospital Naval Buenos Aires under the auspices of the Catholic University “El Salvador de Buenos Aires”. His training course has included all aspects of the specialty: Aesthetic Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Congenital malformations, Reconstructive Surgery in Burned patients and Hand reconstructive surgery. Dr. Eduardo Krulig has been active in his private practice at the Centro Médico de Caracas, Hospital de Clínicas Caracas and in his private clinic “Clínica Krulig”, until 2007 when he has moved to Tenerife, Spain, where he is practicing his specialty at the Centro Médico Dr. Eduardo Krulig. Dr. Krulig has been active in developing new techniques in the field of Laser surgery, pioneering in the field of Cellulite surgical treatment with surgical laser 1440 nm. He has developed treatments in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Dermatology, after many years of research, such as Amelan (depigmentation treatment in melasma and lentigoes), Peelings by Krulig (Universal peel, Krulig Peel, Star peel by Krulig, ABC Peel). Dr. Krulig has pioneered the Liposuction – Liposculpture techniques in South America. Is a Honor Member in 15 scientific Societies and Academies, is actively engaged in Medical and Surgical Societies; is frequently Invited guest speaker in International Congresses and meetings, Invited Professor in specialization courses. Dr. Krulig has been awarded by many Scientific Societies, has been appointed by the Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery as the Best Aesthetic Doctor in South America (year 2000). Dr. Krulig has been the President of the International Academy of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, President of the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Chairman of the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Has Chaired three International Congresses, in Aruba, Washington DC., and in Varna, Bulgaria. Has written many scientific publications and is co-author in text books in the specialty of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Research Interest

Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive surgery