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J. Bustamante Munguira

J. Bustamante Munguira
Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
Hospital Universitario "La Princesa", Spain


Dr Bustamante obtained his MD degree at the “Universidad de Valladolid”, Spain and his Ph.D from the same University. He also has a “Master” (MBA) in “Administration and Direction of Health Systems”, 2007-2009, from the “Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona”, Spain, and a “Master” (MBA) in Statistics “Methodology in research: Design and Statistics in Public Health” from the “Universidad de Barcelona”, Spain, 2008-2010. He has further completed his training in other Hospitals such as the Vall Hebron in Barcelona and the San Donato in Milan. He currently works at the “Hospital Universitario de La Princesa”, Madrid, Spain. Furthermore, he is currently participating as a researcher in 8 multicentre studies. He has also received numerous awards throughout his professional career, and is a member of various renowned medical associations, including the Royal Academy of Medicine in Salamanca. At present, he is the Vice Secretary of the “Spanish Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery” and, to date, has published more than 41 papers and 80 abstracts, with his also being a member of the editorial board of five different publications and acting as a reviewer for various cardiovascular journals. His major area of research has been in relation with septic shock models for ischemic reperfusion in infective myocardial endocarditis and its postoperative outcomes.


Research Interest

Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Ischemic reperfusion in infective myocardial endocarditis and its postoperative outcomes