Journal of Forensic Pathology

ISSN - 2684-1312

John Provias

John Provias
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology & Molecular Medicine
McMaster University, Canada


Dr.John provias is a neuropathologist Associate Professor at McMaster University. He also works as a consultant for sw Ontario ( 2.5 million pop). He has greater than 20 yrs experience in all areas of NP adult pediatric tumour muscle degenerative trauma forensic etc.. He have over 50 peer reviewed publications . He has greater than 15 yrs experience teaching various residents.His Research interests are neurooncology, and Alzheimers. He have been dealing with forensic Forensic pathology in his entire career with greater than 700 brain cuttings, court appearances as an expert witness.

Dr. Provias is an active member of the residency training program, where he teaches anatomical pathology residents, neurology residents and neurosurgical residents as they rotate through.  He is also an MF5 (neuro sub-unit) tutor, program organizer and lecturer, for McMaster’s MD Program.

As a Neuropathologist, Dr. Provias provides diagnostic and clinical services for, HHS, Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre, the regional forensic pathology lab, and private consultations within South Western Ontario. He has a special interest in neuro-oncology/angiogenesis.

Research Interest

Forensic Pathology, neurooncology, and Alzheimers