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Jun Ma

Jun Ma
Department of Genomics, Baylor College of Medicine


Dr. Jun Ma is currently working as a senior bioinformatician in Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Dr. Ma earned Ph.D. in Genomics and M.S. in Computer Science both from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has interdisciplinary background in biological sciences and computer sciences. Prior to joining BCM, he was working on functional genomics in yeast under various growing condition and signaling pathways in cancer cells. He has involved in human microbiome project and national children\\\\s study. He has author or co-authored near 20 peer-reviewed papers. He is also the reviewer for several international journals and conferences.

Research Interest

Dr. Ma is interested in bioinformatics research in genomics and metagenomics. He is currently doing research in the field of microbiome and epigenomics, especially the shift of vaginal and placenta micoribome during pregnancy (including preterm birth and still birth) and the environmental influence on epigenomics of the placenta. He is also interested in developing novel bioinformatics analytical tools and experiences in analyzing RNAseq, Chip-seq, SNP data.