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Kouroush Sadegh Zadeh

Kouroush Sadegh Zadeh
Bioengineering Department
University of Maryland, USA


Dr. Kouroush Sadegh Zadeh is currently working in the Bioengineering Department at University of Maryland, USA. In 2006 done his Ph.D., from University of Maryland at College Park in Biological Engineering, In 1997 completed his M.Sc., from Tarbiat Modares University in  Agricultural Engineering, In 1994 done his B.Sc., from University of Tabriz in Agricultural Engineering

Research Interest

My research interests and goals are Systems Biology oriented and multi-disciplinary. They focus on:  theoretical (mathematical/computational) analysis of drug delivery and biological processes across structural scale from cell to whole organism, mathematical modeling of enzymatic reactions and cellular/biomolecular dynamics in cells and tissues,  image processing and multi-objective optimization of live-cell imaging by fluorescence microscopy, and integrated computational and in vivo experimental studies of motor-mediated axonal transport in normal and neurodegenerative nervous systems.