Journal of Forensic Pathology

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Nadia Al-Kandary

Nadia Al-Kandary
Head of Forensic Pathology Laboratory, General Department of Criminal Evidence
State of Kuwait, Kuwait


Dr. Nadia Al-Kandary, PhD, obtained her bachelor degree in Kuwait University, Faculty of Allied Health and continue her 5th year in University of Central Florida, USA. She obtained her M.Sc degree in University of Lancashire, UCLAN, UK and her doctorate in Forensic and Investigative Science from Forensic School in University of Lancashire, UK in 2011. She join General Department of Criminal Evidence since 1996 and she is currently assigned as chairman of Forensic Pathology Lab in Kuwait. She has undergone other Certificate and courses in various branches of forensic field. She has conducted several studies and published on diverse topics ranging from medico legal aspect of infant deaths to un-natural cause of death. Dr. Nadia was a guest speaker at the Medicolegal conference in Detroit, Michigan, USA in 2010. She was coordinating the first Forensic Medicine Conference in Kuwait in 2001 and a member of Identification project in Kuwaiti Jail and also a member of the Prison of War project. Member of the World Suicidoogy Net, WHO. Member of Editorial board of the Journal of Advance Practices in Nursing.

Research Interest

Forensic Pathology