Journal of Forensic Pathology

ISSN - 2684-1312

Oscar Campuzano Larrea

Oscar Campuzano Larrea
Medical Science Department
University of Girona, Cardiovascular Genetics Center, Spain


Dr. Oscar Campuzano Larrea was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1977. He obtained his BSc degree at the University of Barcelona (Spain) in 2002. Five years after he obtained his PhD degree at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). In 2008 he was accepted into Clinical Cardiovascular Genetics Center, University of Montreal, Montreal (Canada), as a post-doc fellow in cardiovascular genetics program. After that, he moved to Girona (Spain) joining a post-doc position at Cardiovascular Genetics Center and an associate teacher position at Medical School (University of Girona). In order to improve his knowledge in sudden death pathologies, in 2010 he spend 6 months at Hôpital Robert Debré, Paris (France), and in 2013 at Istituto Medicina Legale e delle Assicurazioni, Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome (Italy). The Cardiovascular Genetics Center is a laboratory dedicated to research in Sudden Cardiac Death, merging basic science with clinical medicine.

Research Interest

Human Genetics, Cardiac pathologies, Sudden Cardiac Death, Forensics