Surgery: Current Research

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Rainer WG. Gruessner

Rainer WG. Gruessner
Professor, Department of Surgery
University of Arizona, USA


Dr. Rainer earned his MD in the year 1983 from the School of Medicine, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universitat, Mainz, Germany. In 1983, Doctoral Thesis (summa cum laude), School of Medicine, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universitat, Mainz, Germany. In 1991, Professorial Thesis ("Habilitation") and appointment as Senior Lecturer ("Privatdozent"), Philipps-Universität, Marburg, Germany. Residency. In 1983-1987 General Surgery, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universitat, Mainz, Germany.
Fellowship: 1987-1989, Transplantation Surgery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Additional Training: 1989-1990, Clinical Training in Vascular Surgery, Philipps-Universitat, Marburg, Germany; 1996, Clinical Training in Living Donor Liver Transplantation, Kyoto University Hospital, Kyoto, Japan.

Research Interest

Surgical and transplant options for patients with end-stage liver, pancreas, kidney and intestinal failure from benign and malignant diseases, pancreas, islet and kidney transplantation for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and its secondary complications, chronic pancreatitis and islet transplants, pancreas and liver cancer, risk analysis and quality control of benign and malignant disorders of the pancreas, liver and intestine, tolerance induction using donor-specific cell augmentation.