Journal of Psychological Abnormalities

ISSN - 2471-9900

Silvio Caccia

Silvio Caccia
IRCSS-Mario, Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research
via La Masa 19, 20156 Milan, Italy


Silvio Caccia, Pharmacology Consultant at “IRCCs-Mario Negri” Institute for Pharmacological Research (Department of Neuroscience, Milan), got his degree in Pharmacy at the University of Milan and the specialization in Biochemical Research at the “IRCSS-Mario Negri” Institute (Milan Italy). He has been head of the Drug Metabolism Laboratory 1988-2009 and Head of Pharmacokinetics Unit 1983-87 of the IRCSS-Mario Negri Institute.He is member of the Editorial Board of Conference Papers in Pharmacology, World Journal of Pharmacology, TheScientificWorldJournal, WebMed Central and The Open Drug Metabolism Journal. He is author and co-author of more than 200 articles, including reviews, monographs and book chapters.

Research Interest

Silvio Caccia, main areas of interest were in the field of pharmacology and toxicology of centrally acting drugs and phytodrugs with focus on pharmacokinetic and metabolic  aspects, both at pre-clinical and clinical level.