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Yousef Rasmi

Yousef Rasmi
Dep. of Clinical Biochemistry
Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Iran


Yousef Rasmi,is an Clinical biochemist involved in both teaching and research at Department of Biochemistry, Urmia University of Medical Sciences (UMSU), Urmia, Iran.In PhD courses he worked on evaluation of GST and COX-2 expression in reflux and esophagus cancer. The major research interest understands the link between Helicobacter pylori infection, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and microvascular/ macrovascular disease e.g. diabetes mellitus, syndrome metabolic, cardiac syndrome X and cancer. Besides helping other groups students working on oxidative stress status in experimental animals. He is also, working in editorial boards of a few journals

Research Interest

Inflammation, Endothelial dysfunction, Diabetes mellitus, Syndrome metabolic, Cardiac syndrome X, Cancer