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Zhengliang Wu

Zhengliang Wu
R & D Systems Inc


Dr. Zhengliang Wu has a BS in Biochemistry and PhD in molecular and cellular biology. He started his interests in glycobiology when de studied heparan sulfate structure and functions during his post-doctoral training in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has postulated the hypothesis that FGF signaling complex forms at the non-reducing end of heparan sulfate, which is backed up by his finding on the non-reducing end structure of heparan sulfate using mass spectrometry. Currently, he is a scientist in R&D Systems Inc. and directing the Glycobiology focus group to develop research reagents. His contribution to glycobiology also includes the inventions of the methods for glycan labeling using carbohydrate sulfotransferases, phosphatase-coupled sulfotransferase assay, phosphatase-coupled glycosylransferase assay and phosphatase-coupled kinase assay.

Research Interest

Dr. Zhengliang Wu Research Interests includes Glycan structure and functions, especially for glycosaminoglycans. Methods for glycan labeling. Glycan-protein interaction. Enzymatic synthesis of glycan. Enzyme kinetic of glycosyltransferases, sulfotransferases and glycosidase in general.