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Ziv Radisavljevic

Ziv Radisavljevic
Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Dr. Ziv Radisavljevic, MD PhD started his research career at University of California at Los Angeles-UCLA, School of Medicine in 1990 at Department of Neurology, MRRC. His early research focus was on membrane receptor signaling, but later on he expanded his research focus on other signaling molecules such as nitric oxide when he moved to Loyola University of Chicago, School of Medicine in 1993 at Department of Surgery. He continues to study role of nitric oxide signaling in cancer development and progression at the Department of Medicine, University of Colorado at Denver, Web Warring Anticancer Institute from 1995. In 1999 he continue his research on cancer angiogenesis, cancer cell migration, proliferation and apoptosis at Harvard Medical School in Boston firstly at Beth Israel Medical Center, Harvard Institute of Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health, and then later at Brigham and Women\\\\s Hospital. He investigated crucial macromolecules involved in signaling in complex cancer interactome, such as AKT, mTOR, RAN, NOS, ICAM1 and FOXO3A which are related to cancer angiogenesis, cancer cell migration, proliferation and apoptosis. He introduced macromolecular interactome networks creating powerful signaling system for development of complex and robust cancer system with positive loops and its locus of fragility. He created unique approach how cancer dynamic complexity and robustness can be targeted, through the AKT locus of fragility, by the locus chemotherapy.

Research Interest

Dr. Ziv Radisavljevic Research interests includes focus remains to be on signaling interactome in solid cancers and hematological malignancies using sub-cellular cancer cell models genomics and proteomics, and also focus on clinical research in Oncology/Hematology.