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An Overview of Prosthodontics

Himanshi Aggarwal*
*Correspondence: Himanshi Aggarwal, Senior Resident in the Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dental Sciences King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, Email:

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Prosthodontics is one of the part of dentistry that relates to the conclusion, treatment arranging, restoration, and upkeep of oral capacity, solace, appearance, and wellbeing of patients with clinical conditions identified with absent or inadequate teeth, or potentially maxillofacial tissues utilizing biocompatible substitutes. As their name suggests ("prosthesis" = expansion or connection, "odont" = tooth), these experts design and perform systems related with the substitution of normal teeth, in part or completely, with biocompatible substitutes.


Porcelain Veneers - These are skinny shells comprised of ceramic material that cover the front surfaces of teeth, giving a sensational change for all intents and purposes. These are attached to teeth that are set up by having a little measure of finish eliminated, all together that they don't show up excessively massive. Enduring facade can change the measurements, shape or shade of teeth, and surprisingly close little holes between.

Crowns - Artificial covers (now and again called "covers") that supplant the entire noticeable surface of a tooth over the gum line. Manufactured metal, porcelain intertwined to metal, or allearthenware (porcelain), crowns are solidified to a pre-arranged tooth with flawless roots. They are frequently required after an entry method, or to fix cracked, broken or deformed teeth.

Dental implants - when it's important to trade an entire tooth (the two roots and crown), this technique is considered the present best quality level. Inserts contains a titanium metal post which is embedded inside the jaw during a minor medical procedure. This screw-like post gets combined with the jaw bone, giving a strong safe haven to a similar crown. Inserts are frequently wont to supplant single or various teeth, or to help different kinds of dental rebuilding efforts, similar to dental extensions or false teeth. While embed a medical procedure is regularly performed by different trained professionals, prosthodontists frequently plan and spot the embed crowns. Inserts are at first the premier exorbitant tooth substitution strategy, yet may demonstrate a magnificent worth inside the day's end, as they will endure forever.

Fixed Bridges - This tooth-substitution strategy utilizes the predominant, sound teeth (called projection teeth) on one or the other side of a specialty to help at least one fake teeth. Crowns are connected in arrangement and afterward created as one unit, which is then joined to the pre-arranged projection teeth. These work kind of a street connect establishment to convey up the crowns for the missing teeth in the middle.

Dentures- These are accessible in numerous different sorts, including full, incomplete, and embed upheld assortments. It will improve the feel and usefulness of a private who is missing teeth—especially when the false teeth are fabricated to an exclusive expectation of workmanship and fitted effectively inside the mouth. In any case, wearing false teeth ordinarily requires a change period, and a couple of discover them awkward in specific circumstances.


Prosthodontics treatment isn't just single treatment during the life-season of the patient. It's continuation of a few distinct kinds of helpful and prosthodontics dental medicines. The powerful treatment approach is a methodology that starts with the littlest sum greatness of injury to the excess teeth yet gives complete tooth supplanting rebuilding efforts to the patients. FRC materials are viable to the unique treatment approach on account of their high mechanical strength and flexible clinical signs. Albeit an expanded number of incompletely edentulous old patients with a necessity forever personal satisfaction is one specific gathering of patients getting extraordinary appreciate FRC FDPs, all age gatherings of patients can effectively be treated with FRC FPDs and other FRC reclamations.

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Himanshi Aggarwal*
Senior Resident in the Department of Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dental Sciences King George’s Medical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Citation: Aggarwal H (2021) An overview of Prosthodontics. Reconstr Surg Anaplastol 10: 182.

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