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Detailed description of techniques used in plastic surgery

Narayanan Nair*
*Correspondence: Narayanan Nair, Department of General Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, Florida, USA, Tel: 13698542757, Email:

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Reconstructive medical procedure is all about fixing individuals and restoring function. It is performed to fix and reshape bodily structures influenced by birth abandons, formative irregularities, injury/wounds, contaminations, growths and illness.


Plastic medical procedure is a specialized strength determined to accomplish repair. The word 'plastic', which comes from the Greek word 'plastikos', which means to form or shape, shows that maintenance is for the most part achieved by moving tissues. In the UK, the quantity of practising expert plastic surgeons is expanding, just like the quantity of plastic medical procedure tasks did every year. In this regard, plastic medical procedure is a lot of a ‘growth speciality’.

The fundamental techniques utilized by plastic surgeons in reconstructive procedures are:

Skin grafts

A skin grafts includes taking a solid patch of skin from one space of the body, known as the contributor site, and utilizing it to cover another region where skin is absent or harmed. The piece of skin that is moved is completely detached, and requires veins to develop into it when set in the beneficiary site.

There are three fundamental types of skin grafts. These are

Split thickness skin graft

Usually used to treat burn or different wounds, utilizing just the layers of skin nearest to the surface. In a split thickness skin graft the surface layer of the skin (epidermis) is eliminated alongside a piece of the more profound layer of the skin (dermis). Some portion of the dermis is abandoned on the contributor site and this empowers the giver site to recuperate up similarly as a graze

Full-thickness skin graft

Regularly used to treat generally little deformities on the face or hand. In this all layers of skin from the contributor site are utilized.

In a full thickness skin graft the whole dermis and its overlying epidermis is eliminated. The donor site wound is shut with stitches.

Composite graft

Used to treat wounds have a perplexing shape or form, like after expulsion of a skin disease from the nose the unite includes all layers of skin, fat and once in a while the fundamental ligament from the giver site.

Tissue development

Tissue development is a technique that empowers the body to 'develop' additional skin by extending encompassing tissue. A balloon-like device called an expander is embedded under the skin close to the space to be fixed, and is then steadily loaded up with salt water, making the skin extend and develop. The time engaged with tissue development relies upon the singular case and the size of the space to be fixed.

Flap surgery

Flap surgery includes the exchange of a living piece of tissue starting with one piece of the body then onto the next, alongside the vein that keeps it alive. Not at all like a skin grafts, folds convey their own blood supply, so can be utilized to fix more intricate deformities. Fold a medical procedure can re-establish structure and capacity to spaces of the body that have lost skin, fat, muscle development, as well as skeletal help. There are three principle sorts of fold. These are:

Local flap

Utilizations a piece of skin and underlying tissue that lies close to the injury. The flap stays connected toward one side so it keeps on being sustained by its unique blood supply and is repositioned over the injured region.

Regional flap

Uses a part of tissue that is joined by a particular vein. At the point when the flap is lifted, it needs just an extremely thin connection to the first site to accept its sustaining blood supply from the artery and vein.

Free flap/microsurgery

Free flap reconstruction also involves the transfer of living tissue starting with one piece of the body then onto the next, along with the vein that keeps it alive.

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Narayanan Nair*
Department of General Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, Florida, USA

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