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Editorial - (2020) Volume 8, Issue 3

Editorial Note-From JCWF Desk

Alex Joe*
*Correspondence: Alex Joe, Department of Meteorology, University of London, UK, Email:

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“The environment is where we all meet; where all of us have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” - Lady Bird Johnson

As quoted in the above text that environment is where we all meet and it is the one thing that we mutually share. Similarly Journal of Climatology and Weather Forecasting which is an open access peer reviewed journal is a mutual platform for all the climatologists, meteorologists and weather forecasters that provide great opportunity to share the knowledge from the journal’s desk. And also the journal is attracting millions of readers around the globe by sharing the newest updates/researches/opinions from the eminent authors and editors from different continental zones, who are contributing in the journal. This is exultant to mention that not only the high profile researchers and scholars are in the contributors list of the journal but the editorial panel is also promoting the students/young researchers to share their knowledge and promulgating their opinions.

This is prideful to announce that with the support of the prestigious editors of the journal, we are successfully releasing the third issue of the volume 8, very soon after the second issue released in July. For creative sharing of knowledge in the field of climate, weather forecasting, meteorology, global warming, synoptic meteorology, numerical forecasting, the journal is also emphasizing on additional article types that includes video abstracts, research posters, monographs, bibliography, corrigendum, editorial notes, interactive keys, letter to editor, short communication, etc. Because of this admirable step we are receiving good number of articles and JCWF platform is able to captivate the audience globally.

The main objective of the journal is to convey the update to date information to the readers and the growth of individual author is also considered that is helpful for them in upgrading their profiles. Another step taken by the journal is that we are embracing the advertisers/manufacturers to use JCWF platform for promoting their products. As we have thousands of graduate and post graduate students connected with us as readers therefore we also welcome institutes and universities to share the admission brochures on the journal website. This will give mutual benefits to the students as well as universities.

Journal of Climatology and Weather Forecasting have 13 editors in the editorial panel from different continents, 50+ reviewers that are currently supporting the journal with enthusiasm. We are grateful to all of them for granting their valuable time to the journal. We are also thankful to the supporting members including graphics team, finance person, web team, coordinators, QC-team for their appreciable work. Because of the significant efforts of the team, we are able to maintain the quality of the journal and successfully releasing the issue within time. For further growth of the journal are anticipating kind cooperation from the authors and readers. We support the authors in every possible way and focus on their individual growth that will in return help then to gain and enjoy the honor from the global audience.

For the next upcoming issue we are honoured to invite the climatologists, forecasters, storm chasers to come up with their valuable researches/opinions/reviews and enlight the audience with your knowledge.

Thank You!

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Alex Joe*
Department of Meteorology, University of London, UK

Citation: Joe A (2020) Editorial Note-From JCWF Desk. J Climatol Weather Forecast. 8:261. doi: 10.35248/2332-2594.2020.8.261

Received: 15-Aug-2020 Published: 28-Aug-2020, DOI: 10.35248/2332-2594.2020.8.261

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